Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ketupat anyone?

Nor Arifin DP Hj Ali Hashim aka RJ63 receiving his prizes from a representative of Mvision
Ketupat with a difference

Finally managed to present the cinema tickets and poster of Winning photo to Nor Arifin aka RJ63 yesterday at Empire cinema,congratulations again to RJ63. Meanwhile if you think you need some thing different for your ketupat like the ones above,it is for sale,thanks to some extra beads and some creativity,you can contact for further info on the above ketupats,fyi inda dapat di bubuh baras ni ketupat semacam ah...heheheh

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kuih MOR

Waiting for the oven
Covered with white snowy sugar

Kuih MOR or to be exact Kuih Makmor.
Now that Hari Raya is just 2 weeks away,every household in brunei is busy making cakes and biscuits, our house is no exception. my mother inlaw is busy with her sweet delicious kuih MOR.Yes her kuih MOR is the best i dare to say,why?cos once you put it in your mouth,the taste of it is just so heavenly,its neither hard nor soft,but the kuih mor just melt inside your mouth(something that is hard for me to explain). she makes it every year without miss,to be handed over to her kids and relatives.If you wanna try it out come over to my house this raya,you wont regret it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lelaki ini

Anuar..thank you for the brilliant song.

For my wife....

Kasih, kenanganku
Ingatkah saat saat dulu
Kasih, apakah dirimu
Merasakan semua itu

Ke mana pun langkahku pergi
Ku masih melihat bayanganmu cintaku
Dan kemana pun arah anginku berlari
Hati ini masih kau miliki

Lelaki ini yang selalu mencintamu
Selalu, tanpa ragu
Lelaki ini yang selalu memuja
Hanya dirimu
Yang bertakhta dalam sanubariku

Sanubari ku
Aku yang mencintakan mu
Hanya dirimu…
Karena cintaku, tak berbatas waktu
Karena cintaku, tak mengenal jenuh hatimu

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ahh panas tapi syok...

Ngurut2 tangan tia lagi
Dry swing jon...
Macam dalam TV
Ani lagi mcm dlm TV

Had a round of 9 holes golfing yesterday,tee off at 3pm and finished at 5+,karing jua leher eh oleh nya but it was great fun,it's my first time playing golf during ramadan,cos i've just started golf last ramadan,and its been a year now,but my golf still sucks big time,anyway beginning to love the sport,but then again i think im heading toward the direction of being old,or was it maturity heheh. anyway,golf is not an old man's sport,it is being picked up today by kids as young as 6,what i mean of being old was,it is not as agressive as my previous sports that i have indulged during my younger years.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finish the Fight

My 3 years of waiting will be finally over,yes after finishing HALO and HALO 2,i was feeling kinda lost in translation,bought lots of FPS games but none matches my addiction to HALO,now after preparing the CONSOLE for the HALO 3, my vain in waiting will be finally over,yes HALO 3 was launched last night in the US,and will be launched in Europe tomorrow.Wait,when will ASIA get a glimpse of it? anyway,the thought of it being released now has ease my trembling hands....hehehheh...

Good Value for money

Went out to have sungkai buffet last sunday with my family members at Rizqun hotel restaurant,upon reaching there,there were already long queques at the food station,with lots and lots of people,(we arrived at 6pm). We went straight to our reserved table,the setup of the buffet was great, 2 dining places,inside the restaurant and outside ,and also 2 main course food stations,with Ambuyat stall,Lamb stall,Briyani stall and Teh tarik stall,all within easy reach of the patrons.I didnt manage to take the pictures of those stalls and food stations,and didnt even bring along my DSLR , just whipped out my K800 and start clicking, sorry about the quality of the pics.The best part of the buffet is it only cost $19.50 with lots and lots of food choices to eat.

Thank you all

These are the Photo entries for Barunaiku 1st ever photo competition,a new Photo competition will be held again,once i sorted out the weekly Quiz.Thank you all for your support and entries.

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Competition starts today

How well do you know your own country?This week competition will be based on your knowledge on Places of interest in our own country BRUNEI DARUSSALAM,so the question for this week competition is,State me 20 places of interest in NEGARA BRUNEI DARUSSALAM. email the answers to, closing for the submission will be on the 30th Sept.Again 2 tickets to Empire cinema are up for grabs.Thanks to Mvision for sponsoring this competition.

And we have a winner

The winning photo.
Congratulations to RJ63 for being the winner of Barunaiku 1st Photo Competition,we will contact the winner asap. The winner have won himself 2 tickets to Empire Cinema courtesy of MVision

stay tuned for next competition.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Barunaiku Photo competition Ends today

Well lit lobby of CP hotel
Took the CP hotel Lobby while waiting
The Birthday Boy cutting his cake with chopsticks

It has been a while since me and the missus went out for midnite supper and last nite was one of those awkward night outing that we have not done for quite a long time,coincidentally a good friend of us was celebrating his birthday at the stroke of midnight on the 23rd of Sept,he was born on the same date of our HM late father.It was just the 5 of us at Dynasty Gadong Sahur dim sum,and we had to wait for half an hour to get a table,we even have cake for him where we decided to present to him before leaving,without him knowing it.When it was time to bring in the cake,everyone in Dynasty was singing along to the tune of Happy Birthday,and knowing this pal of mine,if he had a gun that time,he would have blown away our heads with it(imagine how embarassed he was,with the whole of dynasty patron witnessing it)anyway Happy Birthday again old pal,just remember this,We will always be around you no matter what and yes we do have always 2nd,3rd or even the 10th chances in life.

Friday, September 21, 2007

There's a new kid in town

A new local web portal was launched few days back,a portal by orang kitani untuk org kitani,so guys and gals let support our very own local web portal,lots and lots of things installed so check it out,IATAHNI.hehehe..catchy name

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Melon Face

My hand with needle in emergency room
My hand with needle in observation room
Something bad happened to me yesterday morning just after sahur,i was ill,it was an allergy attack. First my eyes were becoming itchy,then i started to cough,and my face started to swell like a melon. the part where i decided to go the A&E of ripas was when i had difficulities in breathing,woke up the missus to take me to Ripas. Thanks to the young chap of the A&E,i think he is a nurse,i was immediately taken to see the doctor,and after checking up on me, my whole body was feeling itchy. They decided to administer me with some medicine through my butt,or was it my thigh?They also inserted needle on my left hand so that they can administered 3 more types of allergy medicines and i was kept in the emergency room for 3 hours before being transferred to the observation room. i was finally discharged after spending time there for 7 hours.Now i am at home feeling a lot better.If you're all are wondering how my face looked like when i had the attack,let just say my face looked like HITCH(will smith) when he was having his allergy attack and looking for benadryl in the grocery shop with eva mendez..hahhahah

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sungkai at Atrium

Finally me and the family heads down to The Empire Atrium sungkai Buffet after reading Son of Brunei review on the sungkai buffet,i must say as always Empire have always been a place of opulence and wealth,well it is a 6 star hotel,anyway after going through all the food, well not all of it, i still feel unsatisfied,at least the Mee rebus put a smile on my face. i guess the lack of choices and also the arabian plus indian food is not my main favorite.Anyway i must say empire Atrium cafe desserts is a must taste for everyone,because of the varieties that they presented.Finally i will give my experienced sungkai there a three and a half stars,why?2 stars for the food 1 star for the environment and half star for the services,why?well there was this incident where the missus was taking the baked fish and asked the chef serving it what the sauce was and the answer was"nda ku tau ah"(i dont know)" isnt that ironic? anyway dont let my review stops you all from going there,heck why am i complaining anyway, it just cost $25.oo bnd per head and they are throwing lucky draws including packages for umrah and Empire Hotel which itself cost more than my $25 buffet.

Old can be New

The wonders of Photoshop

Home Improvement anyone

If you guys are in the UK,be it studying,working or residing there, always wanted to make your home looks or feel better to stay so just click to this "Home improvements" site to get a good deal,they have been in the business for 36 years,they have been renowned amongst UK homeowners as the place to go for high quality home improvements.A very extensive products and consultation provided for your own desire to facilitate your needs and budgets.Here is what they have to say in their website
"Our high quality, service-based approach has since reached all the corners of the UK, helping millions of satisfied customers to create their ideal home. With an annual turnover of £300 million, we ensure that we stay one step ahead of the competition with our continual programme of research and development, our 'state of the art' manufacturing plants, and our ever improving product range."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dont know where to go for Sungkai?

Photo of the Sup Ekor,taken from Son of Brunei post(hope he doesnt mind)

Are you spoilt for choices to break your fast?dont know where to head to,well you can check out Missy M post on Bersungkai(break of fast) places,a very comprehensive list of eateries i must say,thanks Missy M and me and the missus is thinking of bersungkai at the Empire Atrium after reading Reeda post, check out Son of Brunei post,hehehe..might head to Empire tomorrow,cant wait to taste the Sup Ekor...ohh...yummy..kambang plang liur ku eh...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Competition start today

Sponsor for Barunaiku Weekly Competition

Hello All,the weekly competition for Barunaiku Readers is now open,This week competition is Digital Photography competition,and the topic for the photographs will be about Gerai Ramadhan.The Closing date for the competition will be 21st of Sept 16:00hrs,Winner will be announced on Saturday.Please emailed me at, and send your low resolution photo.1 photo per entrance.The winning Photo hopefully will be displayed at Empire Cinema(still runding the owner,heheheh).So boys and girls..start snapping.Winner will be given 2 tickets to the Posh Empire Cinema Courtesy of Mvision Cinema.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fancy a shag..darling.....

This is taken from Yahoo.
ULYANOVSK, Russia - Make a baby. Win a car. Don't be surprised if the streets are empty and curtains drawn in this central Russian region Wednesday as residents take up an offer by the regional governor to help stem Russia's demographic crisis.
Ulyanovsk Gov. Sergei Morozov has decreed Sept. 12 a Day of Conception and is giving couples time off from work to procreate. Couples who give birth nine months later on Russia's national day — June 12 — will receive money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes.
It's the third year that the Volga River region, about 550 miles east of Moscow, has held the contest. Since then, the number of competitors — and the number of babies born — has been on the rise.
"If there's a good, healthy atmosphere at home within the family, if the husband and wife both love each other and their child, they will be in good spirits and that will extend to the workplace. So there will be a healthy atmosphere throughout the country," he told AP Television News. "The leadership (of the country) is interested in the family."
Russia's population has dropped since the 1991 Soviet collapse, fed by declining birth rates, a low life expectancy, a spike in emigration, a frayed health care system and other factors. The country — the world's largest — now has just 141.4 million citizens, making it one of the most sparsely settled nations. And experts estimate the population could fall below 100 million by 2050.
"I don't think people get pregnant just to get a prize on the 12th (of June) but if the dates coincide and they give you a ... car there's nothing wrong with that," said Yuri, a 28-year-old father-to-be who declined to give his last name.
In Ulyanovsk, everyone who has a baby in a local hospital on June 12 gets some kind of prize. The winners of the grand prize — a locally made SUV called a UAZ-Patriot — are couples judged by a committee on criteria such as "respectability" and "commendable parenting."
Perhaps not surprisingly, the effort has drawn snickers. According to one joke circulating on the Internet, regional university teachers — after being ordered to draw up special activities for Wednesday — proposed covering the floors of school gymnasiums with mattresses and dimming the lights.
Andrei Kartuzov, who won the last "make a baby" grand prize along with his wife, Irina, said they had been planning to have another child anyway.
The campaign "is a good help for people, especially for those living in villages," he said. "If they hold such actions every year, then maybe we will have (more children) growing up and Russia will be bigger."

We should start doing something like these here in Brunei,"now,Honey if you're reading this,hehehe..."mun paham bisai"..

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan

Happy Fasting to all my Muslim brothers and sisters,in this instances i also would like to ask for forgiveness if i have offended any of you in all of my previous postings, may Allah the all mighty bless us all.