Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Went to watch the highly anticipated new OO7 flick last weekend,an all boys affair,myself,my brother in law and my father in law...It was spectacular,eventhough with little gadgets,the story line is great and im starting to like this new Blond bond, very charimastic,very masculine,its not that the previous bonds are not,but this new Spy agent is buff,instead of having a sexy girl coming out of the water,it was him,the muscled bond...hahahha..a new era in the next bond franchise.This Bond is made to work hard all the time in this movies, had his face scratched and his balls whip(ouch!!!).But overall this new Bond movie is a 2 thumbs up.So go and watch get yourself entertained.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Trekking at Tasek Lama

While huffing and puffing my way up the trek stumble upon a man meditating toward the sun

One of the less straining leg of the trek at Tasek

View of Bandar from top of tasek.

The last time i went for a fitness regime was before Ramadhan,manage to lose 3kg after ramadhan,and immediately gain 5kg during Syawal!!!!arrgghhh,so i decide to wake up early on a friday morning and starts my fitness programs.Well to be honest, i was only thinking of doing a short trek to the first slope of tasek, well its my first exercise anyway since ramadhan,so manage to reach the first slope, and confidently overtaking few fellow trekker(slow ones..mun paham bisai)and when i decided to turn back, the slow ones(he's kinda big) starts to follow me from behind, hey, i was thinking to myself at that moment, if he decides to continue the journey completing 1 round of the tasek trek,why cant i do it(a quote from my wife"you rather die for your ego ")so i decided to push on to complete the whole round, while glancing back always for the big guy.....Manage to complete the whole round of the trek and upon descend to the tasek park..i puked!!!!hahahh....so you guys, take out your trainer,don those sports attire and dont let the big size guys beat you to your game..the EGO has landed.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Let the Game Console War Begins

I hope this 3 Game console will be the last one being produced in this decade,no,make it this century,to date i have 1 SNES,1 sega,1 megadrive,1 playstations,1 xbox and lastly 1 PSP,in the last 2 decades.Boy,how much have i spent my mums money on those things. Now,came the consoles of all consoles,the anticipated release of PS3,just recently launched in Japan last week,XBOX 360 was launched a year earlier,Wii(nintendo) i have no idea when this was launched. Now to the $1000 question or more(HDTV is required for these consoles),what will i get for my next birthday, or to be exact what will i get for Syahmi,promised him to get an XBOX 360 if he went for his bersunat next month. OR better yet, will i get the approval of the financial controller...heheh,mun paham bisai.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Pics of my cousins and my wifes nephews & nieces(note the 2 latingz)

I came from a long line of big families,my mum side have 9 siblings,dad side have 7 siblings,and i have lost counts of the number of 1st cousins,2nd cousins,etc..etc, (i have not include my wifes side yet), i only have 4 siblings,3 in laws,and 6 nephews and nieces. An aunt,my mother sister have 12 children,imagine the number of grandchildren she have now. In Brunei, family usually comes first, had a conversation today with a french colleague of mine, and he is impressed with the Brunei Family values that we have here, He told me that the elders in Europe usually are left to the Care centre to be cared of. It just shows how we Bruneian respect and took care of our elders until they have gone, i do hope this long traditions of care for the elder be instilled to our younger generations, so this tradition of respect to the elder people are passed on to the next generations.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


D'Vinci Forgiato Wheels worked up these transparent rollers made of Lexan or something. The reps say they're roadworthy, though we might have a problem with cleaning the brake dust off everytime we go out for groceries. Rolling fly is such a pain in the ass-Taken from Jalopnik.com.
Mcm nda ku pecaya ada this sort of wheels,what will they be thinking next? rimless wheels,i think i saw somewhere in the internet about rimless wheels,or was it airless tyres..i cant remember..brain freeze!!!,will post it once i come across it again in the cyber world.Till then, i dont think i will have this kind of rims on my cars..it just weird..haha.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is this JP??....you WISH!!!!!

imagine this is JP,right now!!

This place looks familiar...

This mountain does exists at JP

Looks like the entrance to JP...just that it looks brand new..

They you have it..the new playground in Dubai,they call it the dubai disneyland,imagine JP is well maintained,well financed,well manage,we too will be able to enjoy what the arabs in dubai is enjoying now,and think of the influx of tourist to brunei...something to ponder upon...i let you all decide....