Monday, July 30, 2007

Im coming back home soon...

Models and celebrities posing during the launch of JIMMY CHOO's boutique
INDOOR Amusement park in Times Square
INDOOR Amusement park in Times Square
RC race in Times square
IMAX,i watched Transformers here....BASAR eh!!

After spending a month here in KL, i have learn a very good lesson in life,especially lessons in survival,family and friends.I have been away before even longer than this,but this time it is quite different from my past experiences ,the reason was,being what have been happening to my family back in BRUNEI,while i was away,my kids were down with illness,be it abang or lating,they both suffers flu,fever and asthma,i really pity my wife to have endured this alone,without me beside her.She is sure one tough woman,and i love her for this.I now realized,even with all the money that have nothing is as important as my kids my wife and my families,yes,we need money to educate,feed them,but we dont have to go far to look for it,BRUNEI is still a place where if we dig and work hard,we will strike it rich one day.So today, i will bid farewell to KL,as there will be a new challenge for me now back in BRUNEI,and i will work hard on it to accomplish my goals and dreams.Aboves are some pictures that i took during my last weekend in KL.Honey i'll be home i come...hehehe(for training actually)

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Friday, July 27, 2007



It was raining heavily yesterday in KL,so i decided to have dinner early,i went to SOGO KL(again...)and decided to have SUSHI KING,the MCD of japan,why?because i think(correct me if i am wrong) it is the first franchise of Japanese food that is currently serving people around the world.Every countries i have been,(mcm banyak dah negeri ku aga)i will bumped into SUSHI KING.Well i guess it's time for me to give this SUSHI KING a try,i must say that the food is nice,well prepared,and of course i love the circulating sushi foods that pass you by,hehehhe..anyway above are some of the pictures that i took of SOGO SUSHI KING.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Masjid India

A very happy shopper
Colourful textile shops
and more kains
I like this picture

Ah,finally i managed to go to Masjid India,a textile haven for the so called KAIN obsessed women and some men,hahaha..i just tagged along with my sis-inlaw and her friend to have a look at what does Masjid India have to offer me,and i can tell you they offered me lots and lots of KAIN and of course good pictures.Dearest honey,no kain for you this time....hehehe

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Arab Street in Bkt.Bintang

The ARABS invasion of KL is finally here,they are all around KL at the moment,even KL itself is well prepared to welcome these wealthy tourists,for example there was a mini concert held in Bkt.Bintang to entertain these visitors from the mideast.The atmospheres were great,with all the young arabs dancing to the tunes of the arabian music,again im trying to send a message to our so called Tourism board,please i beg of you,lets attract some of this Arab tourists from Malaysia to come to our country,hey its only a 2 hours flight to Brunei.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

Gnul at the end of a tunnel
The Eye of Malaysia
Hensem eh....
View from the top
Today we decided to head down to Tasek Titiwangsa,The Eye of Malaysia is located here.Our journey starts by catching the train to Titiwangsa Station,from there on wards we tried to catch a taxi to the lake,but to no avail,we decided to sure was a very sweaty journey.Upon reaching the Lake,it was worth the sweats,well the pictures above speak for itself. BTW,congratulation to CPUL and his mate for winning the BSM TOURNAMENT,i knew you guys could get the job done.

Friday, July 20, 2007

GNUL is here

LOW YATT..the equivalent of SIM LIM SQUARE in Singapore
GNUL looking at his D200
Monorail Passengers
Grrr...the Gnul's new toy..the E90
The many faces of tourist in KL

Gnul is finally here in KL,so we decided to get our gear and head down to Bkt.Bintang,the happening place in KL city,where there's just lots and lots of all walk of life is presents,especially people from the Middle east,i can say that Bkt.Bintang is now the equivalent of Arab streets in the Mid-east,they really know how to attract the Arabs to KL,maybe we should start looking into how to attract them to our country too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I ate Bugs bunny,Bambi and Chicken Little

Satay Kajang
Satay platters combination of Chicken Rabbits and Dear..heheh..yummy..
My Transformers T-shirt
Junior Transformers T-shirt

I finally found Kajang Satay,it was nearby my hotel,and after looking at the type of meat for the satay i decided to try rabbit,Dear and chicken,i never actually tried rabbit meat before,yes your homely adorable bunny,i ate it...oh my god..i really ate a rabbit,i even imagine its fluffy furs while eating it,but what the heck,after tasting a fan now of rabbits meat,the meat taste good,tender,tastes like chicken too,heheh..anyway,sorry for the layout of this BLOG,i was trying to migrate to a new template last nightmbut decided to put it on hold first,give me time to sort it out.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back in KL

The event that shook me .. The Only PIC i can take of HM,wish i had a longer zoom lens
The Invited guests
MEN in WHite
The Students that have been in the Capital since early morning.
It was great to back in Brunei during the weekend, being able to see my Families even for just a short time.I managed to do some photo shots during HM Birthday Celebration in the Capital Yesterday.While the MRS was attending the ceremony,i went around SOAS field to do my thing.Aboves were some of the shots taken during yesterday ceremony.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy the NO.1 Guy in Brunei

I know..i know..i said i will be away..but i just cant resist on posting this pictures,this was taken at a Masjid in Semenyih..kajang.Do we have this kind of signboard back home?heheheh..anyway,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SIS..anna..... and to all my friends,i'll be in brunei for the weekend,and to everyone one else..Have a nice long weekend,be safe,and to the NO.1 Guy, Happy Birthday....will attend your birthday this sunday..heheheh...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Long Ques and Pickpockets

One of the many signs in KL Train stations
Human Rush Hours queing for the LRT
Another QUE this time at the Cinema
KLCC at 11pm
Another sign of Cautions agains picket pockets.
Last night after having dinner at KLCC i decided to catch DIE HARD,i have always been a fan of DIE HARD from the beginning,Went to the cinema and found out the que was very long,It was coincidentally Potter premiere yesterday,so i had to que to get my DIE hard ticket.The show starts at 7:45 and by the time i reached the counter it was already 8:00pm,so i decided to catch the 8:45 show,and just found out the ticket cost me 7RM$,heheh..worth the wait.After watching John Mclane trying to save the day within the same day...(was it between the span of 24hrs?..JACK your heart out...heheh),i was fully satisfied with the movie,i left the cinema with my adrenaline still pumping from watching those CGI effects and stunts...and he still wears the same clothes till the end...heheh.
Left KLCC at 11pm and went straight to the hotel.I will be on a hiatus for a few days,going back to Brunei for the weekend,MRS,KIDS...i'll be home soon,loves and Kisses from me...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Field Trip

A 3km Tunnel to Seremban
AZILA..hehe..toll operator
Masjid Putrajaya
Minaret of Masjid Putrajaya
Putrajaya Offices

Today i finally managed to get myself to do some field TRIP to Seremban ,a 50Km trip from KL itself.We we required to do some HSDPA test,which supposedly to have a DL throughput of 2.4Mbps,but only managed to have 1Mbps,well need more tuning i guess to achieve the 2.4.Any how after the test,our drive tester decided to show me where PUTRAJAYA is,for all of you who dont know what is PUTRAJAYA,it is actually the centre of Malaysia Administrations centre,here is where The Malaysian Government Offices is located,you have from the PM offices to the Internal Audit offices ,you name it,they have it,it is actually a very nice place,with huge buildings,bridge and of course its Masjid.I will definitely come back to PUTRAJAYA again this time fully equipped with my DLSR.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

A good weekend in KL


AMPANG Driving Range


DEAN'S new ride..a GALLARDO..gila eh...

Kuning and juicy gi tu isinya.....

Durian Musang..aii...nyaman leng....

Meet up the MRS and my long lost friend here in KL,promised to meet her up and her fiancee,and end up going to Driving range somewhere in Ampang and spend the whole weekend with them.Dean and PAT nice to have meet you guys,and thanks for the wonderful weekend.I end up being stuff with food by them and also being able to check out DEAN'S new ride,what a wonderful fellow,PAT,ur such a lucky GAL!!.